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Exhibition Review – Ireland Roundup, Art Monthly, Issue 449, September 2021.


Newbridge House • Luan Gallery • Ballina Arts Centre                           

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Catalogue Text – Martin Parr, ‘Communal Observances’, Roscommon Arts Centre (Writer-in-Residence) September 2021.

Communal Observances

Joanne Laws

Below are the disenchanted holidaymakers,

who have little time to bother

with the enigmatic young swimmers,

gliding over their heads.

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Catalogue Text – Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, ‘Cnuasach: Deep Mapping’, Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, September 2021.

Cnuasach: Deep Mapping

Over decades, the artist embarks on faithful departures from one painting in search of the next, never derailed by looming interpretations but content with deeper truths that overwrite such fractal commentary. Bodies of work accumulate as clusters, yet definitive meaning is shrouded and encoded – undecipherable, even to her.

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Catalogue Text – Anna Spearman, ‘Loose Parts’, Roscommon Arts Centre (Writer-in-Residence) May 2021.

Loose Parts – A Response to Anna Spearman’s Solo Exhibition at Roscommon Art Centre

If we were to observe the secret lives of art objects, we would find that they oscillate at different frequencies, depending on their environment. In the studio setting, sculptures are playfully coaxed into form, through fluid processes of material accumulation and subtraction, testing and reworking.  Preceding both narrative and the imposition of meaning, these provisional forms come into being through loops of energetic feedback, according to the experimental impulses and urgencies of their maker. Conversely, in the more formal context of a gallery or museum, art objects tend to accrue a more solidified and fixed status, by nature of their public display. Here, artifacts are classified, arranged and presented according to the institution’s ontology, which serves to shape our understandings and interpretations of the objects on view.

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Essay – ‘Into The Light’, The Visual Artist’s News Sheet, March/April 2021.

Into the Light


Three recent and forthcoming exhibitions are showcasing significant collections of photography, which individually and collectively foreground the medium’s archival function in recording the shifting Irish cultural landscape over the last 50 years. These important bodies of photographic work variously document Dublin’s inner-city streets and the fading traditions of country life – from pilgrimages and processions, to holidays and dances – as well as landscapes ravaged by the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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Book Review – ‘Winter Papers, Volume 6’, The Visual Artist’s News Sheet, Jan/Feb 2021.

Kevin Barry and Olivia Smith (Eds.), Winter Papers, Volume 6 (Curlew Editions, 2020)

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Exhibition Review – ‘Slow Art, Embodied Landscapes’, The Visual Artist’s News Sheet, Nov/Dec 2020.

Slow Art, Embodied Landscapes


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Exhibition Review – John Gerrard, Mirror Pavilion, Corn Work, ArtReview, October 2020.

John Gerrard Mirror Pavilion, Corn Work

Galway International Arts Festival, Galway City

3 – 26 September

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Catalogue Text – ‘The Pleasures of Circular Time’, Paul Hallahan, Roscommon Arts Centre (Writer-in-Residence) September 2020.

What is a painted curve, only a broad sweep of the arm? Offering the simplest form of composition, the curve moves through a human history of mark-making like a timeless signature – from spiraling Neolithic carvings to the sacred geometry of Christian iconography. Whether interrogating interior spaces or unifying distinct works along similar sightlines, the compositional curve can trigger a multitude of relations, not least in how the viewer is positioned.

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Book Review – ‘Janet Mullarney’, The Visual Artist’s News Sheet, Sept/Oct 2020.

Catherine Marshal and Mary Ryder (Eds) Janet Mullarney (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2020)

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